Adhoc ITLM scan

The ITLM agent on AIX periodically scans the host and reports back to the ITLM server details of software installed and licensing status.

I was asked today if the agent could be forced to re-scan and report rather than wait for the scheduled scan which would not be ready until after the weekend.

This is what I did to force the scan:

Login as root on the AIX host.

cd /var/itlm
stopsrc -s tlmagent
mv cache cache.old
mv scanner scanner.old
startsrc -s tlmagent

*** Wait 10 mins or so for the scan to complete ***

cd /opt/itlm
./tlmagent -sw

The program returned :

CODAGO10I The command has been successfully executed.

…and the admin of the ITLM server confirmed a new scan had been received.

If you get :

CODAGO53E The command cannot run because the agent is busy performing another activity.

…just wait a few more minutes and re-run the tlmagent command.

Once you’re happy all is well you can remove the old cache and scanner directories.


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