Mount ISO file on AIX for bffcreate

If you need to mount an AIX ISO file for conversion to bff, for example to add to a NIM server, you can use:

mkdir /cdmount
loopmount -i /source_dir/AIX_6.1_Base_Operating_System_TL_6100-09-00_DVD_1_of_2_112013.iso -o "-V cdrfs -o ro" -m /cdmount


bffcreate -d /cdmount -t /troy/AIX61TL9SP0 all

umount /cdmount, then mount any additional ISO’s and repeat the bffcreate command so the target directory contains all the BFF’s.

Now you can add this to NIM in the usual way.

Hint :

nim -o define -t lpp_source                              \
  -a server=master                                     \
  -a location=/export/lpp_source/LPP_AIX6100-00        \
  -a source /troy/AIX61TL9SP0                          \


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