In this scenario I have a DR server which uses VCS to online VG’s for a database. However, there have been some filesystems added to the production server that need to be registered on the DR server, otherwise when VCS attempts to start the VG /etc/filesystems will not know about the new filesystems.

We need to manually varyon the VG’s for AIX to update it’s information, but the problem is that in this scenario AIX only knows about the hdiskpower devices.

How do we tell which hdiskpower device should be used with our varyonvg command if lsvg shows no volume groups (aside from rootvg)?

Use the following command to list details of each hdiskpower device until you find the one hosting the LV’s you are expecting to see:

lvqueryvg -Atp hdiskpowerxx

Part of the output from this is a section labelled “Logical:” which will list the LV’s on that device.

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