What values can I give my device attributes?

If you need to know what the acceptable values for device attributes are in AIX you can use the following.

For example,

My hdisk5 attributes can be listed with

# lsattr -El hdisk5
PCM             PCM/friend/vscsi                 Path Control Module        False
algorithm       fail_over                        Algorithm                  True
hcheck_cmd      test_unit_rdy                    Health Check Command       True
hcheck_interval 0                                Health Check Interval      True
hcheck_mode     nonactive                        Health Check Mode          True
max_transfer    0x40000                          Maximum TRANSFER Size      True
pvid            000812ca6370c0140000000000000000 Physical volume identifier False
queue_depth     3                                Queue DEPTH                True
reserve_policy  no_reserve                       Reserve Policy             True

But what if I want to know which values are acceptable for the reserve_policy attribute, for example?

In this case I can use

# lsattr -Rl hdisk5 -a reserve_policy

Another example is

# lsattr -Rl hdisk5 -a queue_depth
1...256 (+1)


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