Which HMC is my LPAR using?


# lsrsrc IBM.ManagementServer

You might see something like: –

Resource Persistent Attributes for IBM.ManagementServer
resource 1:
Name             = ""
Hostname         = ""
ManagerType      = "HMC"
LocalHostname    = ""
ClusterTM        = "9078-160"
ClusterSNum      = ""
ActivePeerDomain = ""
NodeNameList     = {"test-server"}

In this case, the Name and the Hostname gives the IP address of the HMC that manages the LPAR I ran the command on.

For newer versions of AIX (V6+) use:

 lsrsrc IBM.MCP | grep HMCIPAddr

If you’re on a VIO server use the following as root (oem_setup_env):

lsrsrc IBM.MCP | grep HMCIPAddr


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