How do I determine the ML of my AIX?

Sometimes you need to know what ML (maintenence level) your AIX is at before you can do things like download the appropriate upgrade.

The following commands can be used to determine this.

Exactly which one you use depends on your current version of AIX, but at least one of these should work.

instfix -i | grep ML
All filesets for were found.
All filesets for 5300-01_AIX_ML were found.
All filesets for 5300-02_AIX_ML were found.
All filesets for 5300-03_AIX_ML were found.
All filesets for 5300-04_AIX_ML were found.
All filesets for 5300-05_AIX_ML were found.

In the above case we are at AIX 5.3 ML5.

oslevel -r

Here we are AIX 4.3.3 ML9.

If there are missing filesets, you can determine which ones are missing with…

oslevel -rl [level]

where [level] is the level reported as having missing filesets.


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