Creating an ISO file for a VMWARE guest

In this scenario I have some ITM files on an AIX server that I’d like to package up to an ISO file that I can transfer to my PC and then mount on a VMWARE linux guest via vSphere.

Create the ISO file with…

mkisofs -R -o /dir/output_filename.iso /dir/dir_containing_files

When complete this can be mounted using vSphere, however, if VMWARE tools has not been installed on the linux guest and you try to run a shell script you may well encounter something like: –

-bash: ./ /bin/ksh: bad interpreter: Permission denied

After installing VMWARE tools, and remounting with…

mount -o mode=755,remount /media/CDROM

you’ll find the script will run ok (well at least it did for me).

Note : I found the mkisofs command works ok too to create an ISO file to be mounted on a VIOS virtual optical device (vtopt).


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