Here is a list of steps need to do to add a new guest for PERFSVM tocollect historical data;

1) logon to z/VM as a normal user (TSSY1, TSNXF, OCPAS,etc)

2) stop PERFSVM using, force perfsvm

3) link to perfsvm disk using, link perfsvm 191 091 mw

4) access disk using acc 091 t

5) xedit filel * * t


7) add new guest FC BENCHMRK USER JDG13AS1 FILE00:00 TO 23:59

8) file and exit xedit

9) release disk using rel t (det

10) stop/start PERFSVM force perfsvm xautolog perfsvm

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I'm a freelance UNIX engineer working in the UK. I'm married to Tina and between us we have six children. I'm a bit of an Apple fan boy, and all the Windows machines in the house are a thing of the past now.

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