Procedure to add DASD and VSWITCH grants to z/VM system config file so they attach/run at z/VM IPL.

1. cprel a
2. link * cf1 cf1 mw
3. acc cf1 t
4. filel * * t                     <=choose system config from list (x to xedit)
5. acc 193 g
6. cpsyntax system config t
7. rel t
8. det cf1
There is a simple REXX routine called UPDCONF on MAINT's 191 which will do this lot for you.
Just key in UPDCONF when you want to change something on CF1…
One other thing you may not be aware of which is very useful is the CPSYNTAX command, run it against the SYSTEM CONFIG file after any changes and it checks the Syntax…. otherwise the next time it get's checked is at IPL time!!

Add new DASD to User_Volume_List and Online_at_IPL
Add VSWITCH grant to appropriate section

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