Failed fscsi paths

A quick note regarding fscsi paths, in this case using 3par mpio driver.

I had failed paths on adapters fscsi2 and fscsi3 to one specific disk, hdisk5.

The first failed path on fscsi2 was quickly fixed using

rmpath -l hdisk5 -p fscsi2 -d

followed by a


However, the second path to fscsi3 listed a duplicate entry when I ran lspath, one of which was failed, the other enabled. A repeat of the command above for this path failed.

To fix I ran the command again, but without the -d option, which put both path entries into a defined state. Running again, with the -d option, finally removed both entries, and a cfgmgr brought the a single path to hdisk5 back in on fscsi3 which was marked as enabled.

Job done.

Additional note : failed paths can be re-enabled (assuming the issue was a temporary storage network error) with:

chpath -l [device] -p [adapter] -s enable

For example

chpath -l hdisk0 -p fscsi0 -s enable


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