70-72 Portland Street
M1 4GU
0161 236 2888

On the periphary of chinatown, we’ve walked past this place a few times, so being at a loose end decided to give it the once over.

You go down into this pink walled basement restaurant and the lobby area looks pretty scruffy. This opens onto the restaurant and yet again sad man on his own was plonked next to a door that wouldn’t shut and blew in a draft all thru the meal. Going to have to get some proper friends.

Got given two menus and didn’t even look at the proper menu. I was looking at the standard stuff with the wine list and ordered from this. Hardly got a chance to check the good menu with more exotic dishes. I will wait for Troy before getting a bit more adventurous.

Anyway, ordered deep fried salt and pepper squid for starter which was a little bit soggy. The oil probably wasn’t hot enough or something. They tasted lovely and I got loads.  

Then for main I went for Yung Chow fried rice with sweet and sour sauce and fried soft noodles (a troyski special). I had a discussion with the pink clad waitress who said that I had ordered too much and I agreed. I thought I had only ordered rice and sauce and was very happy when a huge bowlful arrived . The S & S sauce was lovely and filled with chunky vegetables and pineapple. But, I’d obviously misunderstood as a mountain of noodles arrived. After a manly attempt I went down scoffing. Troy will love it.

The waiters and waitresses were excellent and the place was packed with a mixture of locals and chinese all scoffing huge portions of food.

One word of warning. A threesome turned up and one of them was absolutely rat-arsed. The waiters allowed him to sit but refused any more booze. They left sharpish.

I’m taking Troy as soon as possible and this time I’ll check out the proper menu. More to follow.

Cost £25 including 2 pints diet coke and 2 Jack Daniels.

<Update> :

As anticipated, this restaurant was revisited, by myself Eej, Dean and Gerry, and what a delight it was. The food was excellent from start to finish. The combination starter was ordered for the four of us, and all were tasty. We asked to have the salt ‘n’ pepper spare ribs changed for spare ribs in OK sauce, and what a good idea, absolutely gorgeous – thanks Eej!

Various dishes were ordered including, egg fried rice, kung chow fried rice, lemon chicken, singapore style vermicelli, soft fried noodles, and a meat and fish clay pot. The latter of these was enjoyed by Eej, Dean and Gerry, but not something I would eat myself with the plethora of seafood it contained. It was a bit like one of those trivial pursuit board games; players guessing what it was they had drawn out of the pot. Squid? Tofu? Beef? Chicken? Fish balls?, you get the idea.

In any case, everyone enjoyed what they ate, and we would all recommend this great restaurant to visitors of Manchester.

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