The Flouch,

S36 4HH


This venture can only be described as “Eej’s Revenge”. Having suffered many Wednesday nights in the company of us UNIX geeks, Eej exacted his revenge on me by hauling me to a curry session with his MAINFRAME buddies.

This took place in Flouch, at a Pub titled “The Flouch” which incoporated both a Chinese and an Indian Restaurant (separately I might add). After an extended wait for additional participants and musing over what was probably the biggest fish poo anyone had ever seen….


…we ordered and moved to our table.


Much as I tried I had NO IDEA what was being discussed in the odd language that is MVS (or somesuch). Fatigue set in until the food arrived.

Standard fare here, and oddly I don’t remember seeing any balti dishes. Eej says they were there though.

Father Jack seemed to start sweating at the mere sight of a popadom. Odd.

I had ordered the Halyari Chicken Kebab, along with a Chicken Madras as my usual baseline dish. The kebab was excellent, and green. The green coming from the green peppers that had been skewered alongside the chicken during the tandoori cooking process and (I am informed) the coriander paste. The madas – well, standard really – not too tomatoey as has been seen in the past at other restaurants, and with a heat that was low-end madras IMHO. Pleasant enough.

Eej plumped (no pun intended) for the mixed kebab, comprising sheek kebab, shami kebab and onion bhaji. Just nice, not too dry. Suited him sir. Onion bhaji’s described as “Cricket Bally”, as in size! A Chicken Pathia followed which was really good, as was the cauliflower bhaji.

No complaints were issued from any of the ten of us, and the Kingfisher flowed.

Who knows what the bill was, as Father Jack settled it swiftly without complaint.

One to try if your in the area.

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