10 St Giles Square
Northampton NN1 1DA
01604 230 891


This is a second-hand review based on comments I had from my good lady wife after her visit this past Saturday.

Her party of six found themselves in a noisy cove upstairs in this establishment. Not unusually noisy I imagine since it a Saturday night in the middle of town. However, the service was shocking.

Nearly an hours wait for each course is unacceptable, even if it is busy. You gotta ask (ahem) yourself if some of these places are geared up for the amount of customers they seat.

A cursory request for cutlery met with a sarcastic, “I’m not going to let you eat with your hands am I?” from the waitress. Unnecessary.

The food was acceptable, but not worth the wait.

AVOID. There is a Nando’s very close. Go there instead.

Supporting tweets…

“@winderclaire: @troyski Don’t ask the price of an almost drinkable bottle of wine! #shouldhavegonetonandos”