19 Cambridge Street
01933 277 712
T’was GG’s birthday so he dragged me and Tina kicking and screaming to Kitchen King (ya f’sure). None of us had been here before, but he’d heard good things. And I really can’t dispute that.
Starters included the chili paneer..
…which was absolutely gorgeous. Along with some tandoori chops, also nice to munch on.
For mains I ordered the North Indian Chilli Chicken. Figuring a firey outcome I was a bit disappointed. It was tasty, but not as spicy as I had anticipated. I was expecting to see some whole chillis in there, but alas there were none. Consumed with some keema naan and an exceptionally saagy sag aloo my palette was duly satiated.

North Indian chilli chicken


Tina’s chicken tikka was touted as nice, a little lacking in “twang”. Her samosa starter however set her mouth alight. Others in the group enjoyed their meals and I had a quick snifter at the fish curry that had been ordered in error but we were not charged for 🙂 This seemed pretty nice to me too.

I didn’t tot up the bill properly, but the prices seemed reasonable, and I would recommend this one for a go if your nearby.

The waiters were all polite, chatty and happy to move tables around for us on demand 🙂