8-10 Norwich Street
NR19 1BX
01362 697 257
The missus and I had the last weekend together at my Norfolk retreat, now renamed the Hobbit House by her of course, so a good chance to try somewhere new.
This place wasn’t too far so off we cantered. It was a Saturday night, and this place was busy as we thought it might be, but still managed to squeeze us in without a long wait. Things were very hectic, and so the waiters were maybe not as attentive as they would be during the week.
Cokes were mostly flat, not a good sign to start. Pop ‘n’ pickles arrived.


Seemed fresh, pickles all good, things were looking up.
Tina proceeded to order her usual chiken tikka masalla, and I, wishing to reduce my fart quotient on this occasion, went for a chicken tikka bhuna. Rice and naan were our only¬†accompaniments. Now, this bhuna was lovely. I’d forgotten just how nice this understated dish could be and I ate with gusto. Just perfect with the plain rice. Tina even commented her twang was in evidence, and she also enjoyed her food.
Trying to get the bill proved a little time consuming, but understandable given the liveliness. A little over budget I’d say at ¬£32-ish given only one coke each and no starters (aside the pops).
Nice food, probably better to go in the week.