45 Magdalen Street
NR3 1LQ,
Tel : 01603 762 836

Managed to catch up with a contractor buddy, Rob, for a nice curry this evening. He brought along some other curry chums and consensus of opinion was that on this occasion the (back)Passage was the place to go.

With regaled stories of the “Phall-off Challenge” experience by two of the group I was in high hopes of a good quality nosh up.

The establishment was nice, and deceptively big on the inside, and relatively busy for a Thursday I’m told, we were given a booth quickly and Rob demanded pops ‘n’ pickles from the off.

Pops gone already

They didn’t last long, and were fresh and crisp. A good sign.

Mains were ordered and I was impressed with the lineup; two vindaloo’s, one madras, one bhupar? and one muthar? Those last two I’ve forgotten the proper names for, both of which I hadn’t seen before.

Mine was the madras, given talk of phal’s and staff curries I thought it prudent to stick to the baseline dish. However, I was slightly disappointed at the spice level, putting it in the lower madras end. Defo a vindaloo next time. It was though very nice, and not too tomatoey. With the keema nan it made a very enjoyable dish.

Madras and stuff

Madras and stuff

I managed to take a dip in one of the vindaloo’s, and confirmed it was more lively, and secured its place on my list for a future visit. Also in the list was the bhupar which was Robs choice. This was very like a jalfrezi in it’s ingredients, but had a smokey spicy taste, almost BBQ like. It was good.

The muthar, ordered by Sam, was billed as a “madras with mushrooms”, and Sam reported it was very good.

After several minutes of chow time, everyone was full and sweating, me having stolen Robs chillies also. Except curiously for Rick, who despite the vindaloo was dry and unflustered. Kudos to him.

The bills including a few drinks, came to just shy of £16 per head, which I deem very reasonable. So of the two places I’ve tried in Norwich City, this is the winner.