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Threat of contract end provoked an after work excursion to Elmbury Lodge, a pub/restaurant right next to the site where I’ve been working this past three months or so. Zac, (or CoAsTer v1.0) alerted us to their £5.99 all you can eat curry night for tight arses, and off we went.

Quite simple, £5.99 gets you all you can eat of the dishes available, long-grained rice (yes, that’s right, long-grained), naan bread, popadums, pickles, raita, chicken tikka masala, goan vegatable curry, chicken korma & beef madras. In any order or quantity you fancy. Not up to pukka Indian curry house quality, but satisfying nonetheless.

Many plates of curry were consumed between the five of us, with Rob looking on bewildered. Amazed at how much we could put away, we invented a new line of elasticated buffet pants to ensure that waistline stretch without belt adjustments with built in doggy-bag pockets. Ahem.

Anyway, satiated we left, and I’ve yet to tell them I got a renewal. Bwaahhahahahahaaaaa.